Even in the final stages of life-limiting illness, it can become perceptible that in spite of the best attention, persuasive topic great plagiarism checker rewrite care, and treatment, your loved one is impending the end of his or her life.

It all depends on the nature of the ailment and the patient’s situation, this last stage may perhaps last from a matter of weeks, months or even several years.

The patient’s care needs to be continued, although the focus of care needs to be shifted to making the patient as comfortable as possible.

At the mockingbird book summary this important time, palliative care measures can provide the patient with medication and treatments to control pain and other symptoms, such as constipation, nausea, or shortness of breath how to write an annotated bibliography apa.

In spite of many years of experience, caregivers still often find the last stages of life remarkably challenging. Simple acts of daily care are often combined with complex end-of-life decisions and painful feelings of bereavement. End-of-life care and management demand support, available from our dedicated caregivers such as home health agents, nurses, social works, volunteers and palliative care physicians.

Alta Care Hospice provides a professional and compassionate in-home palliative medical care who are dealing with a life-limiting illness.

As our patient, you should expect our team to visit you at your residence regularly to assure that things are running smoothly, address any new problems, provide the patient with symptomatic management that would make them more comfortable in the process and exhibit exceptional levels of comfort for them.

Alta Care Hospice is thoroughly focused on a combined and disciplined approach to hospice care where we not only provide services ourselves but also instruct the family or other caregivers on how best to manage any and all physical or emotional symptoms exhibited by the patient which can include anxiety, depression, confusion or even pain.

It is important for the patient’s family to understand and to have support throughout the hospice care process and to make sure that them helping their loved one is not a burden and is a manageable situation. We not only provide spiritual and emotional counseling for the family but also extend our services to after the patients’ terminal event where the family requires bereavement counseling for the loss of their loved one.

Other services we can provide includes bathing, feeding, transporting the patient, providing them with supplies, helping with household chores and making sure that the patient always has the medical and emotional support they require. We are also focused on providing both the patient and their family with psychological counseling and to help with the stages of the disease.

Our Alta Care staff are thoroughly trained, we are always available for immediate response if required by the patient and make sure that every single person associated with your loved one is not only catered for but the patient themselves has a support system to help them through the cycles of their terminal illness.

Our mission is to provide solitary care and comfort to the patient, their family and loved ones during the stages of their terminal illness in a way where we are present at every step regardless of what it is. We commit to providing hospice care services both onsite and offsite. We are thoroughly educated in providing palliative, respite care and bereavement and emotional support once the terminal event has occurred.

Our commitment to improving and providing supportive life adjustments for people with life-limiting illnesses is solid and we believe that every little thing is not only a big step to the patients happiness but also contentment for the family. Our team is committed to treating you or your loved one with complete dedication, respect, and dignity and to make sure that they are content with their surroundings as much as possible.

Regardless of whether it is you or your loved one who requires hospice care services feel free to call us at (818) 998-2582 or use the contact form available on the website to be contacted by one of our representatives.

  • We focus on clinic hospice care, routine, in-patient continuous care and respite care.
  • We focus on the patient, not the diagnosis.
  • We are available 24 hours a day and on-call seven days a week.
  • We provide an interdisciplinary team approach to assist in providing quality, holistic care.
  • We focus on making the patient comfortable and control of the patient’symptoms.
  • We provide patient education and self-management skills.
  • We encourage the patient to control their own health care.
  • We provide respite care to assist both the patient and their family members.
  • We provide spiritual care, support and counseling.
  • We provide quality volunteer services.
  • We provide bereavement support to family members for up to 12 months.
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